Who is Joel Mullan?

Joel served in the Royal Canadian Navy for 17 years. He was released for medical reasons due to a service injury.

Joel was a senior non-commissioned officer specialising in communications with a wide range of postings including teaching leadership, maintaining training standards, providing force protection, and on numerous warships as head of the communications section.

He served on many deployments at home and abroad including major security operations such as security of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, fisheries protection, sovereignty patrols in the arctic, and anti-narcotics smuggling operations in central America.

Above all Joel is proud to have led some of Canada’s best people in fast paced and sometimes dangerous military operations. For his service Joel was awarded the Canadian Forces Declaration and the Operational Service Medal (Expeditionary).

After his release from the RCN Joel came to Edmonton to work in Rail Traffic Control.

Joel is the son of David who immigrated to Edmonton from England as a child and Arlene a second generation Albertan born in Edmonton.

He has been married to his wife, Deborah, for ten years. They have a son, Edmund (7) and two daughters, Annabelle (3) and Florence (1).

In addition to his work in the RCN Joel has long been involved in his community in a number of capacities. In Halifax he was a member and performer in the Gilbert and Sullivan society.

In Victoria he served on his condominium board for five years including two years as president. He also served on his parish council for many years in several capacities.

Since moving to Edmonton he has been a volunteer at the Alberta Railway Museum working on equipment maintenance, operation, and served as Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Additionally, he has been shop steward with his union, served on parent council at his son’s school, served again on his parish council, and coaches children’s rugby.

Joel has worked on many conservative political campaigns in a number of capacities.

Most recently he has worked on Jason Kenney’s campaigns for the Progressive Conservative leadership, unity vote, and United Conservative Party leadership election.

Joel hunting pheasantsWhen he has free time, Joel enjoys target shooting, hunting, and working in his garden. He is also an avid reader.

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I am running because . . .Joel Mullan with Lord Strathcona's Horse

I believe in low taxes and in families being the best positioned to decide how their money is spent – not government.

I believe in parental choice and the right of parents to be informed regarding their children’s’ education.  Equitable funding should follow the student, not the government’s latest whim.

I believe, above all, in basic freedoms such as expression, assembly, and the right to own and enjoy property. 

I am running to defend the rights of Albertan families to live their lives as free people where they are provided the tools they need to succeed, but are not told what path to follow.